The way I see it is this: the relationships we have in our lifetimes are what life is all about—and your wedding day is one of the best opportunities you’ll ever get to receive something tangible that showcases all the love and intricacies of those relationships.

I don’t take this sentiment lightly and make it my mission on every wedding day to capture photos people will treasure for the rest of their lives.

This of course means some classic portraits of the couple and their loved ones smiling at the camera, but it’s really the unposed, unprompted, in-the-moment ones—where the personalities and love shine through in every look, hug, or hand squeeze—that make a wedding gallery feel like a glimpse into the heart of a couple’s life.

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I hope this means you’re engaged (CONGRATS!!!) or celebrating another special stage of life (CONGRATS AGAIN!!!), and you’ve started the search to find the perfect person to photograph your special moments. 

I might just be your girl if: you find yourself drawn to wedding photos you’ve seen that feel real and like they capture the essence of a moment—and of a person; if you’re looking for a photographer whose work will take you back to all the feelings, moments, and details of your wedding day every time you look at them; and if you’re okay with your photographer visiting your dessert table three times…

hi, i'm marissa

I’m a wedding and engagement photographer based in Chicago, Illinois, and I’m so happy you’re here.

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Genuineness is what I aim to embody + what I strive to capture.

Ang + Tre

Colette + Brian

Rylee + Jamal

Tory + Bryce

Lauren + Grant

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Monika + Fran

Lauren + Mike

Lauren + Mike


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I cry every time I look at the beautiful images she gave us.

She does the best job of being present with you, making sure you're all good and are getting everything you need, while also blending into the event to snap all the details you worked so hard on and moments you might have missed… I cannot express enough how impressed I am with Marissa and the photos she delivered to us. I cry every time I look at the beautiful images she gave us. My entire family loves her to the point where my parents ask me to tell her they say hi when she messages me about the photos. My husband's brothers hadn't even seen any of the photos when they told me they wanted her at their weddings too. She has a great energy and delivers an amazing product. I don't know what good juju helped us find her in the vast expanse of the internet to capture the best day of my life, but I'm so thankful we found her. She's simply the best.

Marissa is the most amazing photographer and person I have ever met.

 She is salt of the earth, genuine, professional, top-tier, incredibly talented, and unbelievably kind. Marissa is one of the first vendors I booked, and she has been the best decision I have made throughout my entire wedding journey. I know that she will be a part of our lives forever because we will be hiring her to photograph every special moment of our lives. Her beautiful pictures speak for themselves—classy, unique, stunning, creative, and full of love, laughter, and REAL people. Marissa has a talent for finding the beauty in everyone she meets and showcasing that beauty for everyone to see. She makes you feel comfortable, loved, celebrated, calm, and important.

She will make you feel comfortable, confident, and somehow hype you up for your own wedding than you already are.

Short version: Just do yourself a favor and book, Marissa, seriously! She captured both our engagement and wedding pictures and I honestly cannot recommend her enough to anyone wedding planning or just looking for beautiful professional photography. She will make you feel comfortable, confident, and somehow hype you up for your own wedding than you already are. She is one of the most talented, genuine, and caring souls I’ve come across. We can’t express enough how thankful we are to have worked with her on our day.

We ended up going over budget on photography for what we had allotted for the wedding and let me tell you, it was WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.

Where should I even start with the greatest photographer on earth? I’m writing this the morning after my wedding because I knew I wanted this to be fresh. Imagine having a photographer that feels like a long time best friend photographing you for your wedding. That’s Marissa. She is SO fun, so charismatic, kind, funny, but also so chill and go-with-the-flow and I’ve never seen more amazing wedding photos in my life.

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Genuine. Emotive.
Organic. Real.

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Genuineness is what I aim to embody + what I strive to capture.

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