Hi! I’m so happy you’re here and ready to invest in yourself and your photography business! As I enter my eighth year of being a wedding photographer, I love to look back and see how much I’ve grown both as an artist and as a business owner. Being able to share what I’ve learned with other photographers to help them grow in their own businesses, skill sets, confidence, and overall fulfillment is such a gift. 

Scroll on down to find all the details on what’s included in each type of mentor session, pricing, and the contact form where you can fill me in on what you’re looking for and hoping to learn.


For the photographer looking to take their photos, business—or both—to the next level

One-on-one photography mentoring

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If you’re not looking to invest in a full mentorship or mentor session, this PDF guide is a great place to start. For the photographer in the first few years of their business, it’s packed with information on 75+ things I wish I knew when I started my own photography business—from tips about getting your business started and set up legally, taxes, pricing (and when to raise yours), posing, editing, shooting and composition, marketing, workflow, and so much more. 


$100 - purchase now

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This mentor session is perfect for photographers who have a few specific things they want to level up in their businesses. It includes a two hour video call or in-person meeting where we'll go over any and all questions you have for me! I'm an open book so nothing is off the table. Examples of things we can go over: editing, workflow, marketing and social media, website and branding, gear, shooting and lighting, posing, networking, and more!

You’ll also receive the above PDF Guide beforehand!


$700 - book now

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For the photographer looking for a longer-term option, this Mentorship is a 6-month program, featuring four video calls or in-person meetings to check in on business goals that we’ll help create in our first meeting.

  • Four 2-hour video call sessions or in-person meetings 
  • Monthly business goal task lists
  • Website and/or portfolio critique 
  • Unlimited voice memo Q&A access (during office hours) throughout the mentorship period 

$2000 - begin now


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