As a Chicago engagement photographer, my very busiest times of the year are summer and fall (which is very fair, those are my two favorite times of year too!). That being said, I think there’s something so underrated about a winter engagement session or wedding! Take Alex and Nick’s December engagement session at the Wrigley Building as an example: the city was a little quieter and less crowded than normal, it was a chance to cozy up and wear statement peacoats like they both did, and the lighting in the winter was so soft and beautiful for their photos!

This whole session was just such a joy. I loved hearing about how the two of them met through work and were friends first before really getting to know each other: Alex said that they traveled to India together for a work trip after they’d already been coworkers for a bit, and that’s where they fell in love. I also loved the way they interact with each other and how perfectly their personalities go together. Nick had me cracking up the entire time with his sense of humor (please scroll all the way to see his attempts to take up as much space as possible when some people were trying to slide into the spot we claimed along the railing lolol).

Since I’ve been so behind on blogging over the past year, by the time I’m actually posting this, their wedding has come and gone so feel free to check out their wedding blog post too! It was a stunner.

Wrigley Building Engagement Session | Alex + Nick


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