May 19, 2019

Sara + Kyle’s Chicago Engagement Session

Before I even met Sara and Kyle for their Chicago engagement session, I knew I was going to love them. Sara and I had been messaging a lot on Instagram, and I could just tell we would get along (especially because of the casual way in which she told me mid-conversation “Also FYI ur our wedding photographer” hahahaha). We ended up having to reschedule once for weather, but luckily it worked for all of our schedules to push it back just a couple of days—and I think it was meant to be because our backup evening ended up having PERFECT weather and lighting for photos.

We started their engagement session out at Lurie Garden near Millenium Park; it’s one of my favorite places for a shoot down in the city because you get the perfect mix of city skyline and nature. I’ve now officially done one engagement session down there for every season since I moved to Chicago (Tiffany + Urbano’s last summer, Jess + Jared’s last fall, Jill + Brayden’s this winter and now Sara + Kyle’s this spring) and it’s been gorgeous during every single season! For Sara and Kyle’s photos, there were beautiful splashes of blue, white, pink and purple flowers throughout the long green grass making it look like the background was made for Sara’s light blue dress and white dress.

After we finished up at Lurie Garden, we hopped in an Uber and headed to Milton Lee Olive Park to pop some champagne and get some epic skyline and lake shots. I learned my lesson with this one when a security guard drove by and told us that the park was about to close and that alcohol wasn’t allowed on the premises. OOPS. We were lucky he was really nice and was basically saying “you and that champagne better not be here when I get back.” We listened and wandered on over to the beach nearby to finish up with a few more photos. Sara and Kyle are both from Florida so it just felt right that we were finishing up on some sand 🙂

Keep scrolling to see my favorites from each spot (and the champagne spray that almost got us in big trouble!) and the sweetest review Sara left on my Facebook page.

Don’t walk to Marissa.. RUN! From the moment I found Marissa I knew she was talented, but as typical we worried about looking awkward in pictures. Well that was a joke because we both never felt so comfortable in front of the camera before. Marissa is funny and witty and always had us cracking up and smiling. I even said to her, “I didn’t expect you to be so entertaining!” 😆. She has a way that truly brings out the love and emotion in photos! Prior to the shoot she was so open and helpful to location suggestions, outfits, etc. We also had to reschedule our shoot ☔️ and Marissa was so flexible in finding a better day/time. Post shoot, Marissa also sent us a bunch of previews within hours of the shoot which was so nice to see. We instantly fell in love with our pictures! I cannot wait to see our whole gallery! We have already gotten so many great comments and reviews of the pictures we have already. Oh and she is without a doubt hired for capturing our future wedding and family pictures. ❤️ 



Sara + Kyle’s Chicago Engagement Session

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