April 21, 2018

Having a [SkEE] Ball 

Oh gosh where do I begin? I always have a favorite part of every wedding day, but I think for this one I had two! Favorite part of the day number one was when we did a “first look” with Kaitlyn and her dad and brothers; this was really important to her and she wanted to do it before her first look with Levi (cue “I Loved Her First” by Heartland??). We all planned to meet at the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates in downtown Des Moines where Kaitlyn’s dad and brothers would be waiting on the front steps and Levi would be waiting in the garden out back. I had Kaitlyn’s family wait at the bottom of one side of the staircase so she could come up from the other side, see them waiting for her, and then they could turn around to see her. She started tearing up the minute she saw them waiting for her—and then when it was their turn to see her it was also her dad’s turn for some tears. 

My other favorite part of the day was between the ceremony and reception when the bridal party made a pit stop at The Operating Room in West Des Moines to grab some drinks and play arcade games. It was the cutest thing to walk in and see Kaitlyn dressed in her poofy white dress and Levi dressed in his suit playing each other in skee ball. It was even cuter to see them end the game in a high five pulled into a kiss. My heart!! Scroll down to check out the pictures from the father/brother/daughter first look and the arcade!


Kaitlyn + Levi’s Des Moines Wedding

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