July 28, 2019

Jessica + Paul | Garfield Park Conservatory Wedding Photos

I’m so excited to share some of my favorite wedding photos of Jessica and Paul at the Garfield Park Conservatory!! Why just the wedding portraits and not a full blown Chicago wedding photo blog you ask?? Well it’s because Jessica and Paul have already been married for a year! 

A few months ago, Jess reached out telling me that she and Paul had never had engagement photos done and that they had a really limited number of photos of just the two of them from their wedding day. She asked if I would be willing to do a session with some photos of them in regular clothes at during the first half and then in their wedding attire at the end so that they could get some photos if each for the walls of their new house!! I obviously said heck yes and we got to planning. 

THEN GET THIS (THIS IS WHERE THE STORY GETS GOOD): a month or two later I received another message through the contact form on my website from someone named Alyssa. In her message, she told me that her sister had been looking to do a session to get some casual couple photos and some wedding photos. She told me her sister had been looking at my work for a while now so she wanted to surprise the couple with a session with me for their first anniversary (so sweet right?)! I responded with some information and said, “I’m actually doing a session just like this in July so the couple can get some good photos for their new house! They didn’t get very many of the two of them on their wedding day so they set something up like what you just described!” Alyssa responded, “wait are their names Jessica and Paul!? This sounds just like my sister!” 😂😂😂😂 It felt like the smallest world when I told her yes and that they had already signed a contract to book a session with me (she responded “I’m not surprised, she ruins all my good surprises! hahaha). Alyssa ended up paying for the session and I created a little gift certificate for her to surprise Jess and Paul with on their anniversary. Best thing ever!!

Scroll down to see some previews of our time bopping around the conservatory; it was my first time and I was so impressed with this underrated gem in Chicago! Oh also, Jess did her own hair in about 30 seconds when she changed from her casual attire into her wedding dress and I was equally impressed with this. 

Cheers to it never being too late to get some wedding photos you love! Xx



Jessica + Paul’s Garfield Park Conservatory Wedding Photos

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