September 1, 2018

Hometown IOWA Wedding

This day was so special to me as both a wedding photographer and a friend. Jesse is a good friend of mine from high school (and Trevor and I used to ride the same bus back in elementary school! s/o Bus 18), so getting a front row seat to their wedding day was so much fun. It was awesome to know both sets of parents, grandparents, the hair stylist, bridal party members and other guests, and to get to know the ones I didn’t already. I also got to shoot the wedding in the church I grew up in (smelled like catechism class!!) and we did all the official portraits and the first look out at my childhood home!! My parents live on a farm and, since we did Jesse and Trevor’s engagement pictures at a farm, we figured it would be the perfect spot to do them.

My favorite parts of the day were seeing Jesse look into the camera like she was on The Office when Kaity would explain what she was doing for her makeup (Jess hardly ever wears makeup and it cracked me up hahaha), seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time, watching Trevor see her in her dress for the first time, listening to the most amazing Maid of Honor speech as the MOH rapped the entire thing to the tune of Fresh Prince of Bell Air (“INNNNN WEST LIBERTY BORN AND RAISED”), and watching everyone dance into the night at the reception.

Scroll down to see some highlights from Jess and Trevor’s day!


Hair: Kaity Martin

Makeup: Kaity Martin

Church: St. Joseph’s, West Liberty, Iowa

Reception Venue: Muscatine County Fairgrounds, West Liberty, Iowa

Photographer: Marissa Kelly Photography


Jesse + Trevor | Iowa Wedding

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