August 22, 2018

A Chicago-Filled Engagement Shoot

You Chicago natives, residents and/or lovers are in for a treat with this one!! Erin found me on Instagram after I posted a picture of a couple eating some Chicago dogs 🌭 because she wanted a Chicago themed engagement shoot! She said, “I saw that picture you posted and I thought, yup I need that, I need her! 

Erin and Cole are both from the Chicagoland area, met here, and LOVE the city. Their wedding venue will have a huge window with an open view of the Chicago skyline, so they wanted to go with the theme and capture the essence of what they love about Chicago in their engagement photos. Honestly, this wasn’t too hard to do because Erin had a ton of great ideas that I had also been wanting to try since I moved here! (Like the Greetings from Chicago mural in Logan Square and on the steps up to the L). They also both have Chicago flag tattoos on their arms, which we obviously had to capture. 

Scroll down to check out my favorite pictures from their shoot (featuring things like more Chicago dogs, the L, the Chicago flag and skyline from Diversey Harbor, and their matching Chicago flag tattoos!!)


Erin + Cole’s Chicago-Centric Engagement Session

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