November 25th, 2018 

Darci + Nick’s Snowy Iowa City Engagement Photos

I have so much to say about Darci and Nick and their winter Iowa City engagement pictures. I’ll start with the story of how Darci first reached out to me back in August; she requested a quote for engagement photos in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area for November or December. I sent her over some info and we were messaging back and forth when I said, “Yay that sounds great!! Do you have a wedding date picked out or are you still in the planning phases?” Her response was:

“Welll… I will be 100% honest with you, and I always sound extremely crazy when I say this, we aren’t engaged yet. BUT I have been told it will be before the end of this year (we have gone ring shopping and all) he knows of my “wedding plans” and all and is aware that I’m looking for photographers since they book up so quick! I promise i’m not crazy hahaha I am just a HUGE planner. I don’t want to ruin any plans he has so i’ve stopped asking about it haha. Thankfully my boyfriend is amazing and knows I am like this and just smiles and nods LOL.”

I knew I liked her already and let her know that she isn’t crazy at all and was actually the second soon-to-be bride that month to reach out about engagement photos because they knew the proposal was coming soon haha (Abby was the other!)! Darci said, “You are amazing already!! That makes me feel a little better about this! Yes please send me what days you are already booked, I absolutely love your photographs and can already tell we would work well together!!”

After this exchange (and finding out we both love One Direction) we landed on the fact that I would love to shoot their engagement photos and wedding, and she would reach out as soon as Nick popped the question…. BUT THEN a few weeks later, I was at Wilson’s Apple Orchard for a senior session, when I looked up and saw DARCI AND NICK. We were about 10 feet away, and my mind was going back and forth between “Oh no, I don’t want Nick to get freaked out that we’ve already planned all this” and “Oh no, I don’t want to ignore Darci and would like to meet her.” The latter argument won, so I said hello and Darci was so excited and introduced me to Nick with “this is the photographer I’ve been talking with!!!”

Flash forward a few months, the question was popped, the wedding photography was booked, and it was their turn to get their engagement photos taken! Darci and I had been hoping for snow the whole time, and snow it did!! We ended up moving it forward a month because I was in Iowa City and there was snow in the forecast; it was a blizzard out there (I got my car stuck afterwards and we actually ended up cutting the session short because it was snowing so hard and it was freezing out!).

Scroll down to see the magic we created before the snow rained (?) on our parade 🙂



Darci + Nick’s Snowy Iowa Engagement Photos

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