Ciccio Mio is one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago, so when Alison and Blake said they wanted to start their engagement photo session there, I was HYPED. They’re getting married in Italy next year so it only made sense to start their session off with a bowl of pasta and some wine so they could have their Lady and the Tramp moment :,) Alison had a vision for their save the dates to send them digitally and to have three little GIFs included—one of them with their pasta and wine, one of them twirling downtown Chicago, and one of their wedding venue in Italy—and I loved the idea and had so much fun shooting and creating the first two.

After Ciccio Mio, we bopped over to a place along the river that has a meaningful memory from the start of their relationship and it was just the perfect engagement session from start to finish. 

Warning: you might crave a pasta night after looking through some of my favorite photos from their session!

Ciccio Mio Engagement Session | Alison + Blake


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