Julia and Alberto’s downtown Chicago and North Avenue Beach engagement session was one of my all-time favorites!! It was 50º in mid-December (what!!) and our good luck didn’t end there; the light was so beautiful from the time we got started at the Wrigley Building all the way until we were wrapping up in front of the Chicago skyline at North Ave.

I always love hearing how people met and Julia and Alberto’s story is so cute/funny. They lived in the same apartment building in Miami and met in the elevator (sooo cute) but the reason Alberto struck up a conversation is because he had overheard her talking to the person at the front desk about the situation she had gotten herself into and he wanted the details. The situation is what’s hilarious; Julia had just moved in and received a box of fancy chocolates that she thought were from her parents as a move-in gift. Turns out they were delivered to the wrong apartment and they were supposed to be a gift for a wedding… but Julia and her friends had already eaten half the box by the time the front desk called hahahahaha. And that’s what she had been trying to figure out when Alberto overheard :,) so shout-out to the person who delivered those chocolates to the wrong unit for bringing these two together!! 

Scroll down to see all my favorites from their session!!

North Avenue Beach Engagement Photos | Julia + Alberto


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