Our villa is located in Positano (just a ten minute walk from the city center!) and features a large terrace with a breathtaking view over Positano and the coast.

With five bedroom and six bathrooms in the villa, each attendee will share a bedroom with one other person, and each duo will get their own bathroom. If you have a preference for who you room with, please include that information upon booking your tickets.

The villa also includes an outdoor pool, an indoor hot tub, and private access to a secluded beach below the villa (which is shared with other facilities from the family-owned rental company).

Note: like many properties in Positano, the villa is only accessible by steps (400 of them!) so please be aware of this before booking your ticket on the retreat.



welcome dinner-

Our first night in Italy will be spent watching the sunset and getting to know each other over drinks and dinner at our villa. A private chef will be coming by to cook us a delicious and authentic Italian meal!

We’ll do our best to accommodate any dietary restrictions based on the private chef’s resources and capabilities.



secluded beach access


5 bedrooms

outdoor Pool

6 Bathrooms

Living room

Positano views




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